PanicCam Locator Personal Security and Safety app for Android phones

Locator from PanicCam

Worried about where your teenage children or elderly parents are? They don’t keep you informed where they are going or your parents have Dementia? Then maybe we have the solution – PanicCam Locator.

Install “PanicCam Locator” on their phone and access it remotely via SMS (text) messages from another phone. We have created several SMS commands to allow you to track the phone. The advantage of SMS commands is you are not dependent on having a 3G signal (internet connection) which in many places is not available. All you need is a phone signal and GPS. The App is currently only available on Android Phones. But any Smartphone can be used to send the commands from.

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App Permission

Having installed the App, only people you have given permission to can access the App. In Setup you can enter up to 3 mobile phone numbers that can command your App. Note – the phone numbers must include your country code.

SMS (text) Commands to PanicCam Locator

:GETLOC – Send this command to the phone with PanicCam Locator installed on it and get back a link to its position.

:ALERT – Command to play a siren sound on the phone lasting approximately 8 seconds. Great way to find you phone if you have lost it.

:VALERT – Command to vibrate the phone. Another very useful command if you have lost your phone.

:TORCH – Command to switch on the phone’s torch. Can be used to find the phone if dark.

:TRACK – Command to switch on tracking. This command enables a phone to be tracked, the re-time updates are saved on our secure server at allowing anybody you have given permission too, to view your tracks. Tracking is designed not to be switched. The only way to stop it is to switch the phone off. Note – the phone requires an internet connection.

:PHOTO – Command to take a photo. You can use this command to take a photo and help identify where the phone located. The command can be very useful if you want to see who has stolen your phone. The phone will try and use front camera to take a picture else it will use the back one. Note - the phone requires an internet connection. If successful, you will receive an SMS message back with a link to the photo.

Combining Commands

You can combine commands to make the App more powerful. For example, if you have had your phone stolen and you want to take a photo in the hope of seeing who had stolen it, then you play an alert first to get the person’s attention and then take a photo, by sending two commands together i.e. :ALERT:PHOTO.

This is an excellent and cheap solution if you have elderly parents who are suffering from Dementia and have a tendency to wander off and get lost. Now you can send them out with a mobile phone in their pocket and when you want to know where they are just send a text, the app will automatically reply with their current location. They don’t need to know how to use the phone!

Works anywhere there is a phone and GPS signal.

Want to know where the kids are? Just TEXT them.

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