PanicCam Apps now in pilot with Sussex Police …

Sussex police are piloting PanicCam apps as a low cost alternative to existing systems for offering protection to victims of domestic abuse. PanicCam can record time and location stamped photo, video and audio evidence which is immediately transferred to secure servers. Even if the phone is stolen or damaged, the evidence is still secure and available to the police via their secure logon.

PanicCam apps are available to iPhone and Android users. PanicCam, the low cost way to protect yourself and protect your family.


Being a keen cyclist I went on a 30 mile early morning cycle ride around the Surrey downs. Half way round I had a major puncture in my back tyre. Unfortunately my repair kit wasn’t able to cope with such a large hole. I decided the best thing to do would be to phone my wife for a lift home. Being in the middle of nowhere I wasn’t sure how I was going to direct my wife to come and pick me up. But thanks to PanicCam I used it to send my wife an email giving my precise location. She received the email and half an hour later I was safely in the car on my way home. Without PanicCam I could have wasted a lot of time trying to give directions to my wife!


The other day I was followed by a car acting suspiciously. Using PanicCam I managed to take a picture of the car including the number plate. I then left the PanicCam running in silent mode so if anything did happen to me then I knew my parents and friends would know where I was and had the car make and registration number for backup. Fortunately the car soon disappeared and all was safe and well.

PanicCam gave me reassurance I needed to know my friends and family were aware of my situation.

Thank you PanicCam.


My father has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, he's always enjoyed the outdoor life and his own independence. He still insists on wanting to do his own thing and enjoys popping down the shops most days, which is good but it does concern us as he sometimes gets confused and might not find his way home.

Using PanicCam Locator we're now able to keep track of where he is and come to his rescue if he has strayed from where he was going. We live in a small rural town where 3G and the mobile internet network is very patchy, so using PanicCam Locator which does not require the mobile internet network is perfect for us.

For anyone with fragile adults or even young children, I warmly recommend you try it.

A. G.


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